UW Oshkosh remains open, monitoring weather

There is a winter weather advisory for both our region and much of the state. At this time, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh remains open–to students traveling back to campus and for classes on Monday. University officials are monitoring the situation.

The judgment about whether to travel to campus rests with the individual. If students and employees feel it is unsafe, they are advised not to attempt the trip.

Access information

Campus community members can access weather information in a variety of ways through the University’s Campus Safety and Emergency website —emergency.uwosh.edu — including signing up for UW Oshkosh TitanAlert text messages that are sent directly to mobile phones. You can directly visit uwosh.edu/titanalert to sign up to receive TitanAlerts. To date, there are more than 5,600 registered mobile users.

UW Oshkosh provides real-time winter weather information through several, easy-to-access and easy-to-use channels:

  • The Campus Safety and Emergency website is the first-and-best, go-to place for emergency-weather updates: emergency.uwosh.edu. The UW Oshkosh home page and UW Oshkosh Today will display the latest weather-related updates once they originate on the Safety and Emergency website.
  • If you haven’t already, download our UW Oshkosh mobile app. It features easy ways to access news, weather and emergency updates.
  • Our official UW Oshkosh Facebook page and our Twitter accounts —@uwoshkosh and @UWOshkoshToday – echo inclement weather updates that are relayed through the aforementioned University channels.
  • The UW Oshkosh Weather Advisory telephone line can be reached at (920) 424-0000 and is updated with timely information when inclement weather affects campus.
  • Closing and delay notices also are sent to local media (newspapers, radio and television).

The decision to cancel classes or close the UW Oshkosh campus is made by the University’s administration. Though the Governor may close state offices or local schools, that decision does not imply that the University will close or cancel classes.

The University rarely suspends classes for weather-related conditions. However, in the event of inclement weather, driving conditions may vary across the region served by our campus, and thus, individuals need to take their own local conditions into account.

Employees who experience extreme weather-related transportation difficulties are advised to work with their supervisors regarding absences or the need to leave campus. Students should contact their course instructors prior to when the class is scheduled to meet and make arrangements to make up work.

There are no emergency announcements at this time.

If there were an emergency at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, this post would contain:

  • Information and updates about the nature of the problem;
  • steps being taken to address the problem;
  • current status, with cumulative chronology;
  • any necessary instructions for the UW Oshkosh and surrounding community;
  • and resources for further information.

In an emergency, the UW Oshkosh homepage – uwosh.edu – will direct users to this website.